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SEAS Re-Starts by Invitation Only. A message from our Chairperson

You may have seen the photographs of the SEAS Volunteer Training Day on Face Book or other media, the success of the day was not just the smiles of everyone who attended, but in the extremely valuable learning points in safety and operation that were both raised by the participants and became apparent during the day.

The Volunteer Training Day assisted the SEAS

trustees in planning the restart of SEAS activities in a safe and secure environment for participants and volunteers, both for operation of activities on the water, and with respect to Covid-19.

The trustees’ ambition is to get everyone back to activities in 2021 before the end of the season and to enable this, a series of activity events are being planned and prepared to cater for every participant’s ability and mobility.

For safety, participant numbers at each event will limited and each event will be by invitation only, and by the end of the season, everyone will have been invited. The limitation on numbers will ensure a worthwhile activity experience in a safe, secure, fully supervised environment.

The preparation and planning of these events is being done alongside the continual administration and fundraising by the trustees, (the Volunteer Training Day alone cost SEAS nearly £1,000 to put on), so please, bear with us as we recommence activities working with new operating procedures and risk assessment guidelines.

Our Trustee Pat Speed who is SEAS Treasurer will be co-ordinating attendees and she will be in touch with everyone as we progress through the rest of the season. Jon Gamon will be directing operations as usual, with Conway Centre instructors running the sessions assisted by SEAS volunteers.

SEAS Trustees have ambitious plans for SEAS, including dedicated sessions for carers, young carers and other groups in addition to our ‘regular’ activities, and we are continuing to apply for funding for these.

We are delighted to be moving forward at last, and will do so in a safe and measured manner and we will do our very best to ensure that everyone has that SEAS Sailability Smile once again.

If you have any questions or queries, or you would like to become involved with SEAS, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Richard Horovitz

Chair of Trustees SEAS Sailability

e-mail: Telephone: 07450257555


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